A single jewel does not make a jewellery store…

Recently, I sat next to my daughter as she went through yet another phase in the endless stream of hobbies that she found herself attracted to. This time it was beading. She had the different colours and kinds of beads placed in different bowls. Each type of bead was shiny and beautiful and I could hardly wait to see how they would look once they were strung together.

Each item that she created was unique but equally beautiful and I could see how this simple act of putting these different types of beads together was giving her so much of pleasure and, no matter which combination she used the outcome was the same-beauty and pleasure. She loved working with the beads, the unique beauty of each one, understanding how each of the colours complemented each other and how putting them together made them more valuable. This brought an end to her constant search for a hobby that best suited her.

I realised that each of us are as unique as those beads but we are so caught up in the rat race of life that, not only do we not appreciate our own unique beauty but are totally oblivious to the beauty that surrounds us. We have become blind to the fact that each one of us is a valuable jewel in the treasure chest of jewellery, that each individual piece of jewel has great value in and of itself and becomes even more valuable when combined with other pieces. As is the nature of all things combined, it espouses unity, strength and value.

Just as those beads are unique and beautiful, without love and care and attention, they can also become dull, chipped and lose their value.  Nothing retains its value without receiving constant love and appreciation. Every jeweller takes out his jewellery regularly and cleans it and shines it and makes sure that its uniqueness is clear for all to appreciate. If a stone is in danger of falling off or a clasp is faulty, he quickly gets it repaired so that it retains its strength, beauty, uniqueness and value.

The most important thing that I realised that morning was that a single jewel does not make a jewellery store!


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