Mind your language!

We tend to think of actions as separate from words whilst actions are simply a manifestation of those words which are first formed in the mind as thoughts. How often have you heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”?

Your feelings are accompanied by self-talk or inner monologue that instantly creates a chain reaction. All too often, we take this sequence of events for granted and lead our lives being ruled by it, without the slightest inkling that we are still the rulers of our little kingdom. Of course, there is an ongoing debate of whether feelings come first or thoughts come first. For me, what’s important is the self-talk we engage in (whether before or after) as this is what ultimately leads to the action that we portray and it is our actions that define us.  If you say, “This is impossible,” all problem solving abilities will shut down, and you give up. However, if you say, “This is an interesting situation,” not only is there an element of excitement, but all of your creative juices are also flowing towards the resolution of the problem!

By paying attention to our self-talk, we are able to ensure that all actions are positive and this promotes positive reactions and self-growth!

The type of inner monologue you have could make the difference between ‘living’ and ‘existing’. You see, negative self-talk leads to a limited reality in which you merely do what is necessary for a continued survival, and positive self-talk leads to a positive reality in which you can appreciate, enjoy and engage with your reality with the purpose of growth and fulfilment.

This sentiment is aptly demonstrated by the story of the little seed who told itself that it was afraid to grow because of the dangers it might encounter. The seed just lay there waiting as opposed to the other seed that told itself that it wanted to grow, and was excited about the prospect of growth. This positive seed grew into a beautiful plant with bright and healthy flowers, and it enjoyed fulfilling its purpose in life!

And so we find that positive self-talk will lead to a greater sense of self-worth and confidence, greater problem solving skills and higher levels of motivation. In short, you live your life exploring and fulfilling your maximum potential.

The good news is that you rule your own kingdom and you can make the decision to break the negative, self-defeatist cycle by paying attention to the kind of self-talk that you engage in, and it’s simpler than you think.

Begin your day with a positive affirmation, for example, “Life is wonderful and I am happy.”

You will notice that positivity begets positivity and thus begins your cycle of positive living!

Being mindful of engaging in positive self-talk is a choice you must make. As is the case with all great rulers you have to make the choice or decision that best suits the interest of your kingdom and thereafter, you must ensure that all strategies are in place to implement and execute the actions pertinent to your decision and, being the great ruler that you are, I have no doubt that your command to your kingdom is, “Mind your language!”



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