“Marvellous” Humans

Have you ever wondered why the Marvel and DC franchises generate such popular and well-received movies? Of course, we know it’s the fight of good vs evil, and the idea that benevolence triumphs over evil, which appeals to all of us.

Really though, it is much more than that! The fact is that so many of these superheroes’ origins lie in troubled pasts, which ignites a hope within us. These individuals were able to establish the practise of doing what is right, no matter the preceding evils that might have challenged them. Superheroes also represent our own desires to be much more than we are, and using our special abilities, to be the best version of ourselves. However, more so, we yearn to have the strength and power to be able to achieve our goals, and to disallow our fears from suppressing us and preventing the fulfilment of our purpose. We identify with the need to be fearless and these super heroes represent just that – the ability to be fearless.

In our desire to be like the superheroes, we overlook a really important factor, and that is that they all have different abilities which they utilise to achieve their goals. Some abilities have been artificially-enhanced, others have been born with it and have to hone their skills. Either way, every superhero learns to adapt their lifestyle, integrating and utilising their abilities to suit their situation; there is an understanding (in some quicker than in others) that this ability is part of their identity. Who among us can resist the inspiration that is evoked within us when Tony Stark utters his famous words, “I am Iron Man”?

Whilst Superheroes may be fictional, the idea that we all have different abilities is not. All we have to do is identify them, and to hone and master our skills. It is no myth that if you do what you love, you will love what you do. Identifying our innate abilities and skills is easier than you think. All you need to do is observe what comes easy to you, what makes you happy and find something that enables you to use these abilities.

Sometimes we are unaware of our own abilities because we are so caught up in the job of living that we haven’t had a moment to explore the essence of who we are, the essence of life. We are so busy working at life that we have forgotten to live our lives, to fulfill our life’s purpose.

Once we have identified our abilities and our life’s purpose, we are able to continue with life’s journey fearless, doing what we enjoy, becoming the super humans we are meant to be. So go ahead and discover the superhero that resides within you!


1 thought on ““Marvellous” Humans

  1. Clarenelda Van Niel December 7, 2019 — 9:27 am

    Great Article!


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