About Me

Qualifications of Zaahera Naik:

  • B A (Hons)-Psychology (University of Durban-Westville)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist(nm) (SAIH)
  • Certified Parts Therapy Facilitator (SAIH)
  • Life Coach (Action Factory)
  • NLP Practitioner (Action Factory)

My personal journey began with a qualification in Psychology (Honours),  whereafter I worked in Human Resources. Here I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with different kinds of people. Later, I started and developed my business which involved assisting students with special needs, children with learning disabilities and those who simply wanted to excel. My approach is, and always has been, client-centred and I tailored this approach to suit the individual needs of every student. I continue to utilise this approach in dealing with my present clients to ensure maximised results.

After relocating to Cape Town, I was able to gain access to modalities that enabled me to further my interest and knowledge in the many ways of empowering people to deal with their issues. I harkened back to my love for psychology, and it was here in Cape Town that I discovered Life Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming. I quickly realised that being a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner would allow me to help people in ways I didn’t imagine possible, and I was quickly hooked on the wonderful feeling of helping people to become better versions of themselves!

Shortly after becoming a certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, I progressed on to the study of Hypnotherapy (which I had already been very intrigued with, due to my lifelong interest in the mind, body, spirit connection). This seemed to be a logical progression as hypnotherapy delves into the subconscious mind, and allows the individual to deal with the root cause of a problem.

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