Life Coaching

Life coaching is not about giving advice or mentoring, but it is a relationship between client and coach; one where the coach uses profoundly meaningful questions to assist the client in the following ways: ~

  1. Identify goals
  2. Visualise new perspectives
  3. Improve performance and enhance effectiveness
  4. Keep your focus and motivation
  5. Sustained growth and self empowerment
  6. Increase confidence
  7. Combat limiting beliefs and conflicts

Effective coaching should also be supportive of the client in creating a plan of action and then supporting the client in putting the plan into action in order to reach the desired outcomes.

Being client-centred, Life Coaching works from the premise that each individual is unique.

As a Coach, I use tried and tested tools and techniques that are tailored to suit the client’s individual needs in order to empower the client to reach his/her goals so that the client can experience and enjoy life to his/her maximum potential.


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