My Practice

Mind Revolution is based in Claremont, Cape Town. The therapy space is a cosy, safe and relaxed home-office setting. In addition to hypnosis and hypnotherapy, Mind Revolution also offers the services of Life Coaching and NLP. Using one, or a combination of these modalities, the aim of the practice is to assist clients to make a positive transformation in order to live their lives according to their full potential.

Mind Revolution’s practice is based on the 3C’s: ~



Change (for the better)

Using the above approach, we assist clients to connect to their powerful inner resources, empowering them to enjoy their lives as they want and deserve to live.

*NB: Mind Revolution’s founder, Zaahera Naik, is a member of Comensa, ICR and SAIH, ensuring the maintenance of a strict code of ethics and a professional space for all clients. Your matters will thus be handled with the utmost confidentiality and respect.



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