Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP stands for “neurolinguistic programming”.

  • Neuro – Brain and nervous system

  • Linguistic – Language skills

  • Programming – The automatic programs and unconscious habits we run on that determine behaviour

NLP is the study of the interconnection of the above three concepts, what they mean and how we can use this understanding to assist clients in achieving their goals.

NLP is a model about making models of excellence, and utilises a wide set of fast and effective tools and techniques garnered from many different modalities to this end. However, it is not just a collection of techniques but the attitude, theory and methodology that gave rise to the techniques.

NLP’s foundation comes from some fundamental presuppositions which are based on the core beliefs and assumptions of the world’s most successful and happy people. One of the presuppositions is that the map is not the territory. This simply means that each individual has a mental map of the territory (world outside ourselves) and assumes that their map is objective, true and real. Since everyone’s experience of the world is different, each person’s map is different and, therefore cannot represent the reality.

This NLP presupposition embraces the idea of the uniqueness of each individual and, since the aim of NLP is to assist clients to live a more glorious and successful existence, this modality serves excellently as a complementary modality to both Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.

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