Since we started, I have consistently slept better every night. This led to living a more productive lifestyle so I now work better, read more, write more, meet deadlines, am more punctual, exercise daily, eat healthily and the bonus is that I have lost 11kgs and built muscle as well.

You made me comfortable from the very start and looked at every aspect of my daily rituals, habits and environment and assisted accordingly. I love the fact that you don’t take shortcuts and are thorough and passionate about what you do. I have also become far more unwound on a daily basis and my relationships have improved overall.

I would recommend you to other clients because of the phenomenal positive changes I have attained with you and because you’re so good at what you do. They should know that, with you, they get a personalised package from which they will get the full benefit of your sessions.

When someone makes the tiniest positive contribution in my life, I feel forever indebted to them. You have done so much more and completely selflessly. You’re amazing. Thanks!


I was looking for ways to improve my relationship and my life. I gained my strength through answering the different questions which opened my eyes and made me stand firm.

You were very subtle and asked good questions through our sessions, you made us, especially myself, reflect on our life until the present. You were sincere. I have applied some of the life coaching questionnaires to my life, I don’t deny it’s a bit tough having to be consistent but it has been working pretty well.

In life we all faced with many challenges, how we deal with it is critical for one’s success, in identifying what your needs are and overcoming one’s fear is important. When we honest with ourselves we become more positive towards life. You are a trained professional with experience and opening up with you about my life made me more confident.

I would recommend you to all newlyweds and young married couples.


I was extremely excited in being able to cure my nicotine addiction, however I was sceptical as to whether hypnotherapy would work. I was also a bit fearful after hearing myths about “your soul leaving your body”.

I found that it was easy to talk to Zaahera. She listens, shows empathy and she has this way of making you believe in yourself. Zaahera is professional and all her sessions are private and confidential.

The therapy helped me to become calmer as I have always felt as if I was not breathing properly, as if I wasn’t receiving enough oxygen which made me feel anxious at times. The concept of “taking deep breaths” was foreign to me not only because I was a smoker but also because I had a lot of tension within me. The therapy has shown me how to really relax.

Well, the best result is that I am smoke-free! Except for the smell of second hand smoke, being around smokers does not bother me, I do not feel the temptation or the need to smoke.

To anyone trying to quit smoking, the therapy works. Zaahera guides you into your subconscious and allows you to connect with your inner strength. This allows you to be able to take control of and overcome your bad habits and get relief from stress and tension. Be open and honest with Zaahera. Do not hold back. The more information you provide her with the better she can assist you.

I’d just like to say, ‘’Thank you, Zaahera.’’ I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions as hypnosis is such an amazingly calming serene place.


Without being biased, this procedure for me was exactly the way it needed to be. It had the effect I needed, even more. I felt so comfortable that I could “let go” completely without the feeling of being judged or not being “in control”. I enjoyed that it felt real with Zaahera, not clinical and it was an enjoyable exercise, not like another chore in my life.

This experience allowed me to decipher the important (top priorities) from the unimportant that I allow to consume me. I learned to calm down, think things through before reacting. At work, I do not take everything personally. At home, I learned the importance of “me first”. I learned it’s okay to not get involved in everything, or try to control everything but still do the best I can and not feel guilty. This proved the most valuable asset as a character trait to make me a better person.

My experience with the Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy allow me to constantly implement tips and the tools shown to me regardless that life is ever changing.

After my sessions, I felt like “EVERYONE” needs to have access to this sort of service. We need to feel good about ourselves, to be true to ourselves and the best we can be. I definitely recommend Zaahera’s services to people whom I speak to who seem to need perspective. I feel this is effective for females, working mothers who need assistance finding the balance that we so easily lose.

Thank you, Zaahera Naik.


I was not entirely convinced that hypnosis would be an effective form of therapy for the problems that I needed to be dealt with. I was having major trouble with sudden anxiety brought on during university examinations for specifically mathematical subjects. Owing to the particular nature of the issue, I was highly sceptical that there could be a successful treatment for this kind of anxiety.

However, after exhausting other more conventional types of therapy, I decided to take a leap of faith and I gave in to hypnosis. Not only was my problem of sudden anxiety cured, but I actually achieved a B symbol for my final mark in Mathematics!

For me, the most incredible thing about the results that I achieved with hypnotherapy was how I gradually began to feel more confident about university without outright noticing it. This continued until one day, I realised that I was able to walk into exam and test venues without breaking into a sweat.

By the end of my sessions with Zaahera, I actually found that my hatred and disdain for Math had turned into an excitement and love for the same subject! I began to look forward to each Math class as though the newly-found knowledge was nourishing my life in many ways.

I was so pleased with the result that I returned to Zaahera for treatment of my personal phobia – fear of being burned by hot oil, fire, etc. (encavmaphobia). This irrational fear was prohibiting me from frying or cooking foods with ease – sometimes I would feel like fainting, which was even more dangerous because the stove was on!

The hypnotherapy with Zaahera has rendered amazing results because now I can cook and bake with complete ease, and I just feel more relaxed and calm in general.

I love that Zaahera is genuinely concerned about her patients’ wellbeing.  Her bedside manner is unrivalled and once you give her your problem, she treats it with the utmost respect and consideration.

My problem of anxiety regarding Math was eliminated, but I also noticed that I became a calmer person when dealing with all kinds of stressful situations. This has improved my standard of living, and it has helped me to cope with everyday life in a more positive and beneficial manner.

And for those of you with unusual problems or issues – I was especially at ease knowing that Zaahera is a multi-faceted therapist with many different qualifications under her belt.

She is exceptionally good at what she does and I implore you to give her services a try!




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